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Family, Maternity & Wedding Photography

Pictures will last a lifetime.

Photographer based in Leiden, Netherlands

Hi There, I’m Lesly


 For my session I like to take the time to be present in order to feel the magic moment that we're gonna capture. This is for you so don't worry about the rest, just focus on the moments that you love. The camera is ready, let's go!

We can take these moments for a lifetime.

Mother Photoshoot

The Experience

After you decide that we’re gonna be a good match, I’ll contact you to plan an interview and talk about your session. We'll discuss basic things like clothes, your vision and possible locations where the photoshoot will take place.

Everything will be worked out as a team so we can create an amazing memory together.

Family Session

What a better gift for yourself and your family than cherishing these years that are passing so fast, keep them in your small bubble forever.

I like to treat these sessions from a documentary point of view, just capture what it’s in front of me without any mask or forced pose, the best it’s just to be yourself.

Maternity Session

Such a magic moment! The  best moment to do this session is when your pregnancy is between 6-8 months far so you have a beautiful round belly without feeling too uncomfortable to move around. The session can be in the comfort of your home or in the natural outdoors.

Portrait Sessions

In need of a professional portrait but in a smooth, fun and playful way? Perfect for  your website, linkedin or business. These sessions are just for letting yourself go, feeling confident and most important, to shine!